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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Contest 2008

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Contest

UK Webmaster World Community has launched an international SEO Contest and the winner will receive $1000 and each 3 runners up will get $100.

What is the targetted keyphrase?

Well, the selected keyphrase announced is "SEOcontest2008"

How can I enter?

In order to help us identify you as a participant during the contest you need to do two things:
*Take the rules seriously
*Instert this html code into your competitive design page
UK Webmaster World SEO Contest
*Fill out Registration form (all fields are required!)

*You may use a domain, folder, or sub domain as your optimised page with one criterion. The page must be brand new, no backlins no cached version
*Every optimisation techniques are allowed except cloaking, and hiding text. We will periodically compare the optimised pages with their cached version in order to discover the cloackers, hence we kindly ask you to avoid using any kind of noarchive meta tag
*No multiple entries are allowed - ONE URL per forum member
*Participants are allowed to change URL but with the same requirements - at the moment of registration new url can not have any cashed version or incoming links. Old URL will be removed from database and no longer allowed to be used.

How will we determine the winner?
We won't, but the Google.com. On the 1st of April at 1pm (UK time) the result table will be updated last time requesting the http://www.google.com/search?num=100&hl=en&q=tagetted-keyphrase&btnG=Search string and the 1st result will be the winner of the contest.

*In order to provide the same chance for everybody, the result table will ignore the differnces might be caused by the different geographic locations hence the above specified searching string will be requested every time when the reult page will be updated
*Prices will be received via PayPal transfer.

Good luck to everyone!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Google PRV (Page Rank Value) Update - 26th October 2007

PageRank™ (PR)
PageRank is Google’s ranking software that calculates the relevance of a webpage to the search keywords entered. The software analyses both the number of incoming links and the ‘quality’ of the referring webpage to generate a relative measurement between 0 (low-relevance) and 10 (high-relevance). (The ‘quality’ of the referring webpage is an abstract measure of how authoritative it is on the subject matter.)

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Video Evidence: Why people believe Americans are stupid

This clip, taken from an Australian show "The Chaser's War On Everything" sees an interviewer heading out onto the streets in the US and asking very, very simple questions about politics and the world. After a while, he manages to convince many of them that he is John Howard and has them pointing to Australia to show where North Korea is.

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The funniest technical support video ever. Thank you India!

Amazing video demonstrating why we tend to hate calling technical support! You will never believe what those technical support people have to go through to make a living...

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Friday, September 08, 2006

Precharge Projectnet SEO Contest - 2nd Day, 1st post

Hii Guys,
Howaz you all doing!!!
It's being second day to me participating for Precharge Projectnet SEO Contest. Well m still waiting for crawler's to visit at my blog for queried term "Precharge Projectnet". And soon after crawler's visit I can apply for my SEO Skills for Precharge projectnet SEO Contest to rank top among other websites or blogs.

The reason to participate for Precharge Projectnet SEO Contest is just to check my abilities and capabilities and to check knowledge about SEO using all legimatic techniques, Prize amount is not an matter for me as yesterday I read the entry somewhere about "Precharge Projectnet SEO Contest" rules and regulation that Website or Blogs hosted on free/shared server will not be elgible for Precharge Projectnet contest.

This bother's me a little bit, but my main goal and intention is to rank well for "precharge projectnet" and if I am succusfull in doing so, m sure i'll get a lot more than the prize many. Atleast I can show my potential & people around the globe can see my search engine optimisation capabilities. That will provide me more satisfaction than prize money!!!.

And I know there's only few guys who are running for prize money, ultimately everyone participating for Precharge Projectnet SEO Contest, somewhere down the line want to show his skills and want to satisfy themselves, whether they can rank well for precharge projectnet.

At first I am trying to write fresh content rich with precharge projectnet term and doesn't come up in spam. It's a long way...............

Talking about competition for "Precharge Projectnet" it increased to 18,400 still competitve to rank. And the 5 top most websites for "Precharge Projectnet" today are :-


Out of these results 80% are blogs hosted on free server and only one website SEOPROJECT among them, Congrats!!! buddy u have been the topper for today.

Afzal Khan
I am helping save the internet, one link at a time. Information about the preCharge Freedom project can be found at preCharge Freedom Project-please help us save the internet, otherwise the things we've worked so hard for in the past 10+ years will be for nothing.
This project is proudly sponsored by preCharge Risk Management Solutions.
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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Precharge Projectnet SEO Contest - 1st Day, 2nd post

Hey Folks,

As everyone out here is aware of the SEO Contest running for keyphrase "Precharge Projectnet" hosted by Precharge.net forum,
am also trying my skills to be ranked top among all the results in Google for "Precharge Projectnet".

Firstly I had started to made teh blog for "Precharge Projectnet" as i don't own any domain name to promote "Precharge Projectnet".
So what's better than Blogger.com for an free hosting blog. Secondaly thankfull to all Precharge.net team for introducing this SEO Contest, where
I can show my skills, ability and potential for Precharge Projectnet using all my legimatic SEO skills and do not practise any Black Hat SEO techniques.
Even I firmly oppose all such techniques and think is just to play with your character's. Any ways here m competiting for Precharge Projectnet to rank
my blog higher in Google results when searched for Precharge Projectnet.

Now talking about competition for "Precharge Projectnet" it is about 12,400 for precharge projectnet as on 07th September 2006 and competition for
precharge projectnet has been increased by 200 more in just 15 minutes time span. Uhmm........12,400 webpages are competiting for 12,400
for "precharge projectnet" and making your website/blog rank well among all such pages is really intresting to do for.

I am helping save the internet, one link at a time. Information about the preCharge Freedom project can be found at preCharge Freedom Project - please help us save the internet, otherwise the things
we've worked so hard for in the past 10+ years will be for nothing. This project is proudly sponsored
by preCharge Risk Management Solutions.
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MEGA SEO Contest
Precharge Projectnet SEO Contest - 1st Day, 1st post
The Exact Phrase - "precharge projectnet"
The Goal - to drive attention to the ever increasing problem surrounding the biggest challenge we may ever face. Everyday, people in Washington DC and all over the country are trying very hard to limit the exponential growth that the internet continues to have. These limitations may forever change the way we work and play online and preCharge believes this challenge needs some serious exposure before it's too late.

Contest starts Sunday August 19, 2006 and ends December 19, 2006. (duration is approximately 4 months) - Just in time for an extra special holiday surprise. We will even guarantee payment by December 24th, 2006 via Western Union or PayPal.

The URL who ranks highest on Google with a domain registered on or after August 19, 2006 wins for the phrase "precharge projectnet".
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